Cardinal Walk – Event Accessibility

Map of walk route. Route also described in text on this page.


The 2023 Cardinal Walk is for all Stanford employees to enjoy. The event will begin at 11:15 a.m. at Stanford Stadium, on Foster Field, where there will be activities and free snacks. At 12 p.m., those who wish to join in the walk itself will depart from the stadium and make their way to Maples Pavilion, by way of a designated one-mile route. Staff and volunteers, who will be wearing white BeWell vests or plain red vests, will be on hand throughout the event to assist attendees.

We hope that all of your accessibility-related concerns are addressed below, but please be encouraged to contact if you have any questions or if you think you may need an accommodation. You may also find the Campus Access Guide and the searchable campus map helpful. For disability access information about any building not listed in the Campus Access Guide, please contact the Diversity and Access Office, (650) 725-0326,


Getting There


Event Shuttles

Free, wheelchair-accessible shuttles will be provided to and from this event for Stanford Redwood City, SLAC, and Research Park-based attendees. See the full schedule and pick-up/drop-off information.

Marguerite Shuttle Info

The closest Marguerite shuttle stop for Stanford Stadium, where the event begins, is located directly outside of the Visitor Center at the corner of Galvez Street and Campus Drive. A drop-off is also available in the Varsity Lot via Nelson Road, near Stadium Gate 2.

Use the physical address of Stanford Stadium, 625 Nelson Road, Stanford 94305, when requesting a DisGo ride.

The closest Marguerite shuttle stop to Maples Pavilion, where the walk ends, is located on Serra Mall and Campus Drive or Campus Drive and Galvez Street.

Disabled Parking

Stanford Stadium

The closest disabled parking for Stanford Stadium, where the event begins, is in the Varsity Lot. Additional disabled parking is located in Track House Lot (L-95), which is located across from the stadium and near Cobb Track and Angell Field, as well as across Galvez Street in the Galvez Lot (L-96).

Note that free parking will be opened up for this event in the dirt-surfaced El Camino Grove area on the northeast side of the stadium; however, if you need a designated disabled parking space, you’ll want to use another lot.

Maples Pavilion

The closest disabled parking for the Maples Pavilion, where the walk ends, is located in the Maples Parking Lot (L-93) on the east side of Maples via Campus Drive and Bonair Siding. Additional disabled parking is located in the Knight Management Center Garage, 655 Knight Way, opposite Maples Pavilion.


Stanford Stadium

You may enter on the south side of the stadium through Gate 1. The sloping ramp at Gate 1 is somewhat steep and may not be usable by all; however, there is an accessible winding ramp to the right of Gate 1 as you face the structure. Volunteers will be on hand with signage to help and escort you.

All event activities will take place on Foster Field in the stadium, and the walk itself will begin there.

"Walk" Route

The entire route of the walk is flat and step-free. Although the route is not paved the entire way, any unpaved sections are well-worn, firm paths. The surfaces along the way should not impede your movement along the route.

Here’s a narrative description of the route.  You can also see a map of the route.

  • The walk will begin at Stanford Stadium.
  • Participants will exit the stadium the same way they came in, through Gate 1 or via the adjacent wheelchair-accessible ramp.
  • Upon exiting the stadium, participants will make a right turn and circle the outside of the stadium, first heading roughly west along the well-worn path close to Nelson Road, then circling northward on the same path toward Galvez Street.
  • Participants will continue to follow the path around the north and east perimeters of the area called “El Camino Grove,” then, they will proceed roughly southeast along the path adjacent to El Camino Real, skirting Ueland Field and Masters Grove.
  • The route cuts back into the campus at Churchill Mall, and then proceeds along the edges of Masters Grove and Klein Field to Nelson Mall. 
  • At Nelson Mall, the route goes north just briefly, then turns left at Avery Mall.
  • The walk proceeds down Avery Mall, past the Avery Aquatic Center, ending on Avery between Maples Pavilion and the Arrillaga Sports Center, where a large, inflatable BeWell arch will mark the end of the walk.
  • Volunteers will be posted throughout the route to keep you on track.

Sitting and Cooling Off

Seating will be provided on the field in the stadium, along the route of the walk, and outside of Maples Pavilion, where the walk concludes. Attendees who prefer to sit may also use stadium bleacher seating.

The entire event is outdoors, and the weather is likely to be warm. Attendees are encouraged to dress for the weather, use sun protection, and to stay hydrated. Sunscreen will be distributed at the stadium site while supplies last. See more Walk tips.

Trees will offer at least some shade for walk participants here and there along the route.


There will be no portable restrooms at the event; however, there are bathrooms located in the surrounding buildings. The following facilities are closest to event activities.

Stanford Stadium

Men’s and women’s wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located throughout the Main Concourse level inside the stadium near sections 106, 109, 117, 122, 131 and 137. In addition, accessible restrooms are located in the plaza just inside Gates 2 and 4. (Note: other plaza restrooms are not accessible). These are the closest restrooms to the field, but there are other clearly marked restrooms in the stadium.

Stanford Visitor Center (295 Galvez St)

There is a wheelchair-accessible all-gender restroom inside the building. The main entrance of the building is located on the west side of the building and is equipped with a power-operated door. The entrance on the east side of the building, facing Angell Field, is also accessible.

Masters Grove

There are wheelchair-accessible men’s and women’s restrooms at Masters Grove, roughly midway through the course of the walk, at the intersection of Churchill and Masters Mall.

Arrillaga Family Sports Center (641 Campus Drive)

The Arrillaga Family Sports Center is directly adjacent to Maples Pavilion, where the walk concludes. Wheelchair-accessible men’s and women’s restrooms are centrally located on all floors of the building, however, card reader access is needed to occupy the restrooms at the basement level. All entrances to the Arrillaga Family Sports Center are wheelchair-accessible.

Food and Beverage Options


Free snacks, consisting of fresh fruit, granola bars, and popcorn, will be distributed in the event area in the stadium at the beginning of the event, while supplies last. Food will be within reach for wheelchair users, and staff will be there to assist you. Long lines are not expected.

(The granola bars currently on order are vegetarian but not gluten-free or vegan.)


Water will be available at the stadium site. Additionally, there will be water stations along the route of the walk at the intersections of the path along El Camino Real at Sam McDonald Mall and at Churchill Mall, and at the end of the walk in front of Maples Pavilion.

Water stations are also indicated on the route map.



Anyone can participate in Cardinal Walk activities, which will consist of carnival-style entertainment, like games, jugglers, stilt walkers, photo booths, and more.

The field site in the stadium and all related activities will be set up with accessibility in mind. 

See the above details on the “walk” itself, in which we hope everyone will feel encouraged to participate according to their own comfort level.

Interactive Warm-up

There will be a completely optional, interactive “warm-up” activity at approximately 12 p.m., led by Fitness and Recreation. The instructor will provide options for people to participate while seated if they would like to do so.

Photo Sharing

"Tacboard" photo sharing

Cardinal Walk will utilize the Tacboard photo-sharing platform. When participants send their own photos from the event to a specified phone number, the photos will appear on the video board inside the stadium.  Unfortunately, there is no way to tag photos for a screen reader at the time they are posted; however, when photos from the event are eventually posted on the BeWell website, they will be given alt-tag descriptions.


Remote participants will be able to watch the Tacboard photostream via Zoom.  See general accessibility information about Zoom on the Zoom website.