Healthy Living for Teams

We bring Healthy Living classes and activities directly to your workgroup, so you can be well together.

Sponsor a wellness-infused experience for your team

Support your teams’ well-being by bringing Healthy Living classes and activities to your department during a retreat, workshop, meeting, or huddle.


Simple set-up and execution for department representatives

  • Choose a class or activity from our offerings list
  • Select several dates and times that could work for your event
  • Complete the online form to submit your request
  • Please allow several weeks to ensure instructor availability.
  • Ensure participants are informed with updated class information.
  • Arrange for payment


  • Mind, Spirit, Resilience
  • Enhance Your Well-being
  • Create, Connect, Flourish
  • Prevention and Conditions Management
  • Nutrition, Movement, Sleep



Format Online or in-person
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Type Retreat, workshop, meeting or huddle
Fee Hourly instruction rate plus materials