BeWell Program

An incentive program that encourages benefits-eligible Stanford University employees to take action to improve their health and well-being.

The 2023 BeWell program year starts on January 17 and ends on November 30.

BeWell’s platform lets you personalize your experience so you can create and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors no matter where you work. By signing in via single sign-on (SSO) and creating your BeWell account, you’ll be taking steps toward health and wellness to feel better and earn rewards!

If you are hesitant to use the platform, please know that you may still take part in wellness activities. You won’t accrue incentive points, but for many people in our community, enhancing their wellness is reason enough to participate.

Your privacy is important to us, and your participation is confidential. No identifiable health information is shared with Stanford Benefits or your health plan.

Read the BeWell privacy notice.

Want to learn more about the BeWell program?

Register for BeWell Connect, where a BeWell team member will provide a 30-minute overview of the BeWell program,
the wellness offerings available to you, and details about the 2023 incentive program.

In 2023, you can earn rewards from January 17 through November 30. Below is the points breakdown for the 2023 incentive year.

The points system has changed and together with device integration and the mobile app, you can accrue points toward your incentive quickly.

Check out the full menu of wellness activities to start earning points.

Benefits-eligible employees can earn $560 in financial incentives for completing wellness activities. Incentives are paid out in $140 increments for each point milestone achieved. If you are between milestones at the end of the program year, your total incentive will correspond to the highest milestone you achieved at that point. For example, if you earned 28,000 points, your total incentive for the year will be $420.


Points Reward Increments
5,000 points $140
10,000 points $140
20,000 points $140
30,000 points $140
Total maximum reward $560


Incentives are paid out within two pay periods after each reward increment is completed. If you reach 5,000 points by January 27, your first reward payout will be on your February 22nd paycheck.

Employees must still be benefits-eligible Stanford University employees at the time of payout to receive the incentive.

Other BeWell Perks

Wellness activities are your chance to focus on the areas of wellness that are most meaningful to you. These activities cover the gamut of well-being, including physical activity, nutrition, stress management, community engagement, chronic disease management, and more.

Dozens of free and STAP-eligible wellness activities are available to help you earn your incentive, and many activities can be completed from anywhere at any time to fit into your busy life and unique working arrangement.

2023 wellness activities include:

One-time, getting started

Activate your account via SSO and complete the registration 2,000
Connect activity device 1,000
Add a profile picture 100
First login to mobile app 1,000
First time tracking health habits 5 days in a month 100

Ongoing wellness activities

Healthy Living: 1-2 hour offering (up to 20) 2,000
Healthy Living: 3-4 hour offering (up to 10) 4,000
Healthy Living: 5+ hour offering (up to 10) 5,000
Healthy Living: Wellness Apps (up to 4) 2,500
Healthy Living: Recorded Webinar (up to 5) 1,000
Healthy Living: Lifestyle Coaching (up to 4) 4,000

Annual wellness activities

Take the Health Assessment survey 2,000
Complete BeWell Check-in 2,000
Complete BeWell Follow-up 1,500
Sign up for Fitness Assessment (up to 2) 1,000
Register for Personal Training (up to 2) 2,000
Become a BeWell Champion 1,000
Attend the Wellness Fair 1,000
Attend the Cardinal Walk 1,000
Participate in Bike to Work month 250
Set your well-being goal 200
Complete Annual Health Check-up 250
Complete Annual Dental Check-up 250
Complete Annual Vision Check-up 250

Quarterly wellness activities

Recreation & Wellness: Recreational Activity or Faculty Staff Fitness Class 5,000
Recreation & Wellness: Group Fitness Pass and Virtual Membership 5,000
Donate blood 250
Volunteer your time 250
Finish an organized race 250
Set your interests 100
Choose your sleep profile 250

Monthly wellness activities

Track sleep 10 days in a month, validated via synched device 100
Track sleep 20 days in a month, validated via synched device 200
Sleep >7 hours 20 nights in a month, validated via synched device 500
Track Healthy Habits 10 days in a month 200
Track Healthy Habits 20 days in a month 300
Track steps or active minutes 10 days in a month 100
Track steps or active minutes 20 days in a month 200

Daily wellness activities

Daily cards 20 points each (40 points max per day) 20
Track sleep nightly (validated via synched device) 20
Sleep >7 hours in a night (validated via synched device) 50
Track sleep manually through healthy habit 10
Track your Healthy Habits 3x per day (30 points max per day) 10
Take 1,000 to 14,000 steps in a day (earn 10 pts. per 1,000) 10 – 140
15 active minutes or workout in a day 70
30 active minutes or workout in a day 100
45 active minutes or workout in a day 140

Bonus activities

Complete 10 daily cards in a month 100
Complete 20 daily cards in a month 200
20-Day Triple Tracker: 7,000 steps/15 active minutes/15 workout minutes 400
20-Day Triple Tracker: 10,000 steps/30 active minutes/30 workout minutes 500
Design Your Wellness Journey icon

Design Your Wellness Journey

Get Started icon

Get Started

Personalize your wellness with BeWell Check-in

There are many ways to approach your health and well-being while honoring your own individuality. BeWell offers personalized one-on-one support to help you discover what path will work for you. These personalized offerings allow you to reflect on what is important, cultivate your vision of well-being, and help clarify a path forward so that you are living a life in line with your values and able to thrive in the multiple roles you play in work and your life.

Our coaches are health and wellness experts who hold degrees and/or certifications in fields such as nutrition, exercise, counseling, coaching, and public health.


Free BeWell Check-in and Follow-up

Engage in a non-judgmental and empowering 20-to 30-minute check-in on your well-being. You and your BeWell coach will co-create an action plan based on where you are today and where you would like to be. Your coach will share resources and help you discover strategies that will support you in being successful with your plan.

Conversations can center around:

  • Clarifying next steps in any area of well-being
  • Strategies for maintenance of current habits
  • Lifestyle behaviors that support management of biometric numbers
  • Review of Stanford and non-Stanford wellness resources
  • Navigating the BeWell program and highlighting activities that support your goals

Sign up for an additional follow-up session to discuss how your plan is going.


Get Started Today!

To register for your session, sign in to your BeWell account with your SUNet ID, go to the Programs page, find BeWell Check-in and Follow-up, and click the Start Now button. You will be able to pick your desired coach, appointment day and time. All appointments are available by Zoom or phone.

Most appointments are offered Monday – Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT, with limited appointments on evenings until 8 p.m. PT and weekends.

Get to know your Check-in coaches



March 1 to March 15

Spring quarter Wellness Grant submission window. BeWell Champion applicants will be notified by April 15.

August 30, 5 p.m. PT

Deadline to use STAP funds for Healthy Living classes, apps, and coaching.

September 1 to September 15

Fall quarter Wellness Grant submission window. BeWell Champion applicants will be notified by Oct. 15.

November 10

Deadline to register for Lifestyle Coaching for incentive payout.

November 30

End of the 2023 BeWell Program—deadline to complete wellness activities to earn incentives.



We utilize feedback from BeWell participants, Champions, coaches and customer service inquiries year-round to continuously improve your wellness experience.

Below are details about the enhancements we’ve made to the program and the wellness platform for 2023.


BeWell Program enhancements


An enhanced wellness platform

BeWell’s enhanced platform takes a science-backed approach to behavior change by focusing on creating tiny habits. Incentive point earning opportunities have been increased to include the tracking of steps, sleep, workouts, etc., plus optional healthcare activities. Other platform enhancements include:

  • Choose to track the healthy habits that are meaningful for you
    Whether you want to move more, start a meditation practice, or reduce stress, the BeWell platform will help support you to reach your wellness goals. You choose the habits you want to focus on, so you can take meaningful steps towards your personal health goals.
  • Content is available in 21+ languages
    In the BeWell platform you can choose to see wellness content in your preferred language, so nothing is lost in translation.
  • Mobile experience
    Download the Virgin Pulse app for iOS or Android to access your BeWell account right from your smartphone and participate in BeWell from anywhere, regardless of where you work. See how to get started with the app and platform.
  • Sync your favorite device to track activity automatically
    Easily connect your activity tracker to seamlessly earn points towards your incentive through your daily movement.

Easy guides to help you meet your goals

Wellness Journey Personas will help guide you in meeting your incentive depending on where you are in your journey. To kickstart your journey, view the Wellness Journey Personas.


Additional point earning opportunities

  • The Health Assessment is no longer required
    Earn incentive points by completing the optional assessment to gain insight about your health and wellness.

  • New follow-up coaching session
    Schedule a follow-up session with a BeWell coach after your check-in for additional support for your wellness goals.

  • Two fitness assessments instead of one
    New in 2023, you’ll be able to schedule two fitness assessments with Recreation and Wellness.

  • Earn points for watching free recorded Healthy Living webinars
    Gain valuable insight from expert Stanford Healthy Living instructors at your convenience and earn points toward incentives.

  • Lifestyle Coaching, more points for additional coaching packages.
    For every three session package you complete you receive additional incentive points.

  • Keep earning points to stay motivated
    Keep your momentum and continue to earn points through wellness activities, even after you’ve received your maximum incentive.


Healthy Living registration enhancements

The Healthy Living registration system has a new look and feel, making it better aligned with the BeWell platform and easier to navigate and register for classes.