The BeWell Incentive Program

An incentive program that encourages benefits-eligible Stanford University employees to commit to health and well-being.

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BeWell lets you personalize your experience so you can create and maintain healthy lifestyle
behaviors. Our entire Program can be completed remotely. Your participation is confidential, and
no identifiable health information will be shared with Stanford Benefits or your health plan.

By committing to health and wellness, you will not only feel better but also earn rewards!



The gateway to the BeWell Program, including incentives and  perks, is the Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA) — a 10-minute online questionnaire that helps you understand your lifestyle’s impact on your health. After the SHALA, you can start one or more of the following program sections.


Wellness Profile

After completing your SHALA, you may begin the Wellness Profile. The three steps of the Wellness Profile are:

Screening (optional): Due to COVID-19, we are not offering on-campus health screenings, and we understand that you may not be able to have your screening performed at your healthcare provider’s office. As such, we are waiving the 2021 Screening requirement.

Advising: A remote session via Zoom or phone with a BeWell Coach on a wellness topic(s) of your choosing.

Plan: An online planning tool for identifying and strategizing the wellness action(s) you made at Advising.

Employees will receive $200 within two pay periods of submitting their Plan. Spouses or registered domestic partners can complete the Wellness Profile but not earn an incentive.



Berries are health-related activities that help you put your wellness goals into action. Check out our Berry Calendar for upcoming remote options, or sign into your account to explore other opportunities. You can complete six to earn $100.



Choose an Engagement offering that best fits your individual circumstances and goals:

  • Multi-session Coaching: Get multiple check-ins with a wellness coach. Several touch points allow you to get real-time help and more personalized support as you progress towards your action(s). Complete three sessions to earn the incentive. Multi-session Coaching is STAP-eligible. Meet the Multi-session Coaches.
  • Healthy Living: Dive deeper into a wellness issue that is meaningful to you by choosing an online class or app from an approved list of STAP-eligible Healthy Living offerings. Many online options are available.
  • Commitment to Family, Community or Self-care: Focus on the wellness of your family, give back to your community, or work on self-care. Create your own Commitment action(s) or choose from our list of suggested actions. Also, see our BeWell Commitment Resources guide for help in crafting your Engagement experience. Submit a Plan of your intended action and write two brief Reflections on your experience. This option is free and does not require STAP funds.

You can earn $260 for completing one Engagement option, payable within two pay periods after completion. You can complete more than one option, but you will only earn this incentive once per year.

To earn this incentive, you must complete the Wellness Profile.




INCENTIVES Benefits-eligible employees

Incentives are paid out within two pay periods after program segment is completed.

Benefits-eligible employees can earn a $200 taxable incentive for completing the Wellness Profile, a $260 taxable incentive for one Engagement option and a $100 taxable incentive for completing six Berries. Both incentives are payable two pay periods after completion.

Spouses or registered domestic partners can complete SHALA and the Wellness Profile to focus on their personal wellness but will no longer receive an incentive for their participation.


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Program Perks
In addition to financial incentives, BeWell offers a variety of perks such as discounted fitness classes and free wellness webinars. 
Make sure you get the most out of the program by meeting the program deadlines.



Our spouses and partners have tremendous influence on our wellness. A shared wellness journey can keep both of you motivated and on track to meet your goals — while enriching your lives.

The BeWell Program for spouses

If you are a spouse or registered domestic partner of a benefits-eligible university employee, you can participate in the BeWell Program by completing the Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment (SHALA) and the Wellness Profile. Please note that spouses will not receive an incentive for participating but will receive personalized wellness support from an expert BeWell Coach.

Stanford Facility Access

If you are the spouse or domestic partner of a Stanford faculty or staff member, and you would like to gain access to any of the recreational facilities at Stanford, you’ll need to obtain a Courtesy Card. (See Administrative Guide Memo: 2.4.3 Stanford Identification Cards for policies governing Courtesy Card eligibility.) Most applications and services, with the exception of the StanfordCardPlan, are also available to Courtesy Card holders.

To obtain your Courtesy Card, visit the Stanford Campus Card Office at Tresidder Union and bring your photo ID (driver’s license or passport), payment (see the ID Card Rates page), and one of the following:

  • Marriage certificate/license
  • Joint tax return
  • Proof of joint Stanford benefits

(Lease documents and drivers licenses are insufficient for domestic partner courtesy cards.)

Your Stanford spouse/domestic partner must accompany you when you apply, and must show their valid Stanford ID Card.


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October 8 Last day to register for a Healthy Living app or Multi-session Coaching to qualify for the Engagement incentive.
October 31 If planning to complete Commitment, you must both finish Advising and submit your Commitment Plan.
November 15 Deadline to submit your first Commitment Reflection if pursuing Commitment for the Engagement incentive.
November 30 End of the 2021 BeWell Program — deadline to complete SHALA, Wellness Profile, Engagement, Berries.


Thanks to feedback from participants and collaboration with our partners, BeWell offers flexible, creative options for your wellness journey.

Do you know?

  • All parts of the program can be completed remotely.
  • In 2021, you do not have to complete  Screening to earn your incentive.
  • We have increased the number of recorded webinars you can watch for Berry credit: you can now watch up to three recorded webinars and earn a Berry for each.
  • You can use STAP funds for Healthy Living classes, apps and webinars. All Healthy Living offerings are Berry eligible and some qualify for the Engagement incentive.
  • New this year: become a Champion to boost wellness within your workgroup. You can apply for wellness grants to procure valuable wellness resources – such as fitness equipment or classes – for your workgroup. You will earn a Berry by becoming a Champion.
  • You do not need to complete the Wellness Profile before starting Multi-session Coaching or Healthy Living for the Engagement incentive.
  • Multi-session Coaching is a new Engagement offering that allows you to get real-time, personalized support, allowing for more meaningful, effective wellness coaching.  
  • After taking your 2021 SHALA, you can get a special BeWell rate on Berry-eligible open-air fitness classes from Stanford Recreation & Wellness.
  • You can earn a Berry for taking six virtual fitness classes from Stanford Recreation & Wellness.
  • Spouses and registered domestic partners of benefits-eligible Stanford employees can participate to improve their well-being, however they will not earn an incentive. 
  • Your personally identifiable health information will not be shared with Stanford Benefits or your health plan.
  • With Well Time, you can convert up to eight hours of your sick time each year to use toward participation in BeWell.
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