Health Assessment

Customize your path to wellness

The online Health Assessment is available on the BeWell platform and is designed to help you make decisions that will impact your current lifestyle and overall well-being.

Taking the Health Assessment is optional, but it may provide you with valuable insight to kick off your personal wellness journey. When you complete the Assessment, you’ll be able to review your results and use what you learn to choose the wellness activities that best address your unique needs and goals.

Easy and rewarding

It should require only about 15 minutes to complete the Assessment, and you’ll earn 2,000 incentive points just for taking it.

You must be registered on the BeWell platform to take the Assessment. Sign on, then click on “health” in the top navigation in the platform. You should then see an option to take the Health Assessment, view previous results, or re-take the survey to update your responses.

Keep current

The BeWell team encourages you to take the Health Assessment every year to keep your wellness priorities in line with your current health status.* 

Whether or not you take the Assessment, be sure to check out the range of wellness activities offered through BeWell.


Ready to get started?
Once you’re in the platform, go to “Health” in the top navigation bar to find the Assessment. If you haven’t yet registered on the BeWell platform, you’ll be prompted to do so.

BeWell Rewards & Perks
Wellness is its own reward, but there are lots of other incentives available to you.

* Please note: The Health Check (Health Assessment) is proprietary to our program partner, Virgin Pulse. It is certified by NCQA and uses evidence-based content to identify high-risk groups. It is not intended to diagnose health conditions or give treatment advice for those with health conditions. The assessment focuses on health habits and lifestyle, and all the domains and calculations are determined by empirical research and evaluation from Virgin Pulse’s medical team.