CBD 2021: Indigenous Contemplative Wisdom and Relationship-based Climate Action with Yuria Celidwen

October 25, 2021 | 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Event Details:

Indigenous contemplative wisdom weaves our human hearts with each other, our lands, lineage, times, and cosmos. Indigenous Peoples enhance a shared identity through reverence to all living beings and the Earth. The contemplative experience that recognizes life experience based on All-Our-Relations creates an ethical and reliable holistic system expressed as caring interactions and compassionate living. The fundamental insight from these relationships shows us how to find our place in a group, develop a sense of responsibility, and engage in a purpose.  These relationships are expressed in stories, embodied in rituals, and take collective form through ceremonies. As the foundation of belief systems, behavioral traits, and interaction patterns, relationships give us a home. Come together to nourish in ceremony a new contemplative identity of ecological responsibility and care that Dr. Celidwen calls an earth-based Ethics of Belonging!

Yuria Celidwen, PhD is of Indigenous Nahua and Maya descent from the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. As a scholar, Yuria weaves together Indigenous studies, cultural psychology, and contemplative science. Her interests are the interdisciplinary approaches to the experience of self-transcendence, its embodiment in contemplative practice, and how it enhances prosocial behavior (ethics and compassion) across contemplative and Indigenous traditions. Yuria developed the thesis of the “Ethics of Belonging,” an Earth-based experience of ecological belonging that engenders an ethos of conscious social responsibility for self, community, and environment. Within this work, Yuria examines how self-identity relates to cultural narratives and how reconstructing them can transform the social and racial injustices of our times. Yuria brings the voices of Indigenous peoples of the world as equal holders of sophisticated systems of contemplative insight, emphasizing the reclamation, revitalization, and transmission of Indigenous wisdom, the advancement of Indigenous rights and the rights of the Earth for social and environmental justice. 

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