Planning Your Own Cardinal Walk

If you won’t be in the area for this year’s Cardinal Walk on the Stanford campus, plan a walk of your own – with other Stanford colleagues near you, with friends or family, or even by yourself. Here are a few tips for organizing a satellite walk with others.


Plan your walk

  • Connect with other Stanford colleagues in your area make a plan to meet up and walk together. (Watch the Slack channel for remote employees. Some locations even have their own channels for Stanford employees based there, e.g. Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Seattle.)
  • Set up a meeting location and time to start the walk. 
  • Identify a safe walking route that is one-half to one-mile long.
  • Use this editable flyer to spread the word to promote your local walk. Fill in the details with local time and meeting place, and consider adding details like a local contact, accessibility information, etc.
  • Spread the word. Post the event flyers in break rooms, share during huddles, and ask co-workers as well as managers to help promote the walk.


Make your event truly inclusive

Make your event inviting to all and ensure that everyone can participate in some way.

There’s probably someone in your group who has a disability that may make participating fully in a “walk” difficult or even impossible. To minimize any barriers to participation:

  • Choose a place with disabled parking and easy access for the beginning and end of your walk.
  • Make sure there is seating available – preferably at the beginning and end of the route, as well as along the way – and conveniently located, wheelchair accessible bathrooms.
  • Choose a starting area where people can socialize, even if they won’t be going on the walk itself, and consider building in a little time before or perhaps after the walk for this.
  • Choose a route for your walk that is relatively flat, paved, and step-free. If possible, walk the route yourself before the day of the event, to ensure there are no unforeseen obstacles along the way.
  • Choose a route that has easy exits along the way for those who can’t or prefer not to walk the entire length of the route.
  • Providing snacks? Make sure there are gluten free and vegan options.
  • See the Cardinal Walk accessibility page for some examples.

warm-up flyer thumbnail

Walk day guidelines

  • If you plan on walking with others, show up promptly at the designated location and time.
  • Before you set off on your walk, do these easy warm-up exercises. (Get text-only version.)
  • Take photos during your walk and encourage others to do the same to show the breadth of our celebration of wellness and community. (Instructions at right.)
  • After your walk, be sure to sign in to your BeWell account and fill out the attestation form to earn 1,000 points for participating in the event.

Want to feel more connected to the Cardinal Walk on the Stanford campus?

Employees who won’t be on campus for this event can also use this link to join the event remotely from 11:15 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Thursday, August 10.

A technical issue prevented conducting the photo livestream, but we hope you enjoyed the walk nonetheless! You can still submit your photos by the end of the day on Friday, August 11, to be entered into a raffle.

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Spread the word about your event

Use this editable flyer to grow participation in your local event. Be sure to fill in the details, at minimum the (local) time your event starts and ends and the meeting point location, including a physical address. Add any other details that may be helpful, e.g. organizer contact information, accessibility information, timeline, etc.


group dancing at 2022 event

Share photos from your walk
and you might win a prize

On event day, text your pictures to (361) 282-4553. After sending your photo, you will receive a text message. Reply – being sure to enter the “@” symbol, and then your first and last name – to be entered in a raffle.

Only photos submitted between 11:15 a.m. and 12 p.m. PDT will appear on the large digital display board in Stanford Stadium and in the Zoom livestream, but you may submit photos until midnight (PDT) on August 10 to be entered in the raffle. 

Select photos may also be featured on the BeWell website after the event and may be used in future BeWell event promotions. 

Please note that all other users of the Tacboard photo-sharing platform being utilized for this event will also be able to download any photos submitted. 

Raffle winners will be notified via email and will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Only employees who participate in the Cardinal Walk remotely are eligible to win a raffle prize.