Coaching for Clinicians & School of Medicine Faculty

BeWell’s Healthy Living program offers individualized coaching specifically for Stanford Medicine Physicians, Clinicians and Faculty Scientists, designed in collaboration with WellMD & WellPhD.

This program is STAP-approved. A subsidized rate of $125 (the standard cost is $450) is available for Stanford School of Medicine faculty (clinical or basic science) with university benefits but no remaining STAP funds, clinical residents and clinical fellows. To access the subsidy provided by WellMD & WellPhD, use the code WELLMD5 at checkout.

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Included in the coaching program: 

  • Five 1:1 sessions, by phone or Zoom
  • A dedicated, Nationally Board-Certified Stanford Health and Wellness Coach¬†

Topics options can include:

  • Home and work demands
  • Creating time for what matters most
  • Adapting to change
  • Setting healthy boundaries/self-advocacy
  • Imposter phenomenon/embracing new opportunities
  • Reducing social isolation/finding ways to reconnect
  • Self-compassion/self-care
  • Enhancing meaning and purpose in work
  • Navigating the impact of COVID-19

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