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A culture of care

Your physical, mental, and social well-being shapes how you move through life, affecting how you approach your work, relationships, and personal growth. To encourage you to prioritize your well-being and to provide you with practical wellness tools and resources, Stanford offers BeWell, a rewarding wellness program as unique as you are. BeWell is available to all benefits-eligible university employees.

Take advantage of the offerings that work best for you. Explore Healthy Living classes on a variety of wellness topics or attend a wellness event like the annual Cardinal Walk or Wellness Fairs. Inspire others and nurture our culture of care by becoming a BeWell Champion. Get 1:1 support with a wellness coach through the BeWell Check-in, Follow-up, and Lifestyle Coaching. While self-care provides its own rewards, you can also earn cash for using the BeWell platform and mobile app to support your wellness.

Your journey begins when you create your BeWell account using single sign-on (SSO) on our wellness platform. You can personalize your wellness experience and start earning incentives right away (up to $560 per program year).

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We created these guides to help you navigate the BeWell platform and support your wellness goals.


Learn about the exercise facilities available around campus.

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