Sneak peek at the new platform

The new platform offers a more modern and intuitive interface. When you first sign in, you’ll see the below screen.


Homepage of new BeWell platform starting in 2022            


You’ll then look for the online Health Assessment (formerly SHALA), which is the first item listed under activities (see above). Like the SHALA, you will answer questions about your health and lifestyle and gain insight into how it affects your well-being.


BeWell 2022 Health Assessment


After your Health Assessment, you will be able to explore the available wellness activities. You can see available activities under the Recommended tab on the activities page. On the activities page, you can see the name of the activity and how many points it’s worth. For example, an activity listed as P 0/15 means it’s worth 15 points.


Screen for BeWell wellness activities in 2022


To start a wellness activity, you can click the “Join” button and it will be added to your in-progress activities.


In-progress wellness activities


You can click on a wellness activity to get more information. To complete an activity and earn points, some activities will require you to register, such as Stanford Healthy Living offerings and BeWell Check-in. These offerings will require the Stanford department to validate your completion of the activity.


Example of a wellness activity that requires you to register

Other activities will require that you attest that you have completed the activity. 


Example of a wellness activity that requires you to attest


You have the ability to take multiple Stanford Healthy Living offerings to earn points. For these wellness activities, please note that you will have to complete a certain number of offerings to get the full point amount. For example, the Stanford Healthy Living: Engagement activity is worth 250 points. To earn the full 250, you’ll need to complete two Engagement offerings. If you complete one Engagement offering, you will earn 125 points, and the card will display P 125/250.


Stanford Healthy Living Engagement wellness activity


The new platform will also have a page for announcements that will highlight upcoming events and opportunities to earn points.


Announcements in the new platform


You may reference the rewards page at any time to see your progress in completing the BeWell Program and earning your incentive.


Rewards page in the new platform


Finally, if you have any questions while you’re on the new platform, you can open the concierge service to get your questions answered immediately. The concierge service appears as a blue c in the lower right corner.


Concierge service in the new platform