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BeWell and Healthy Living Privacy Statement

This BeWell and Healthy Living Privacy Statement supplements the Stanford University Online Privacy Policy, and discusses our collection and use of personal information when individuals access the BeWell website or participate in the BeWell or Healthy Living Programs and activities.  We will use your personal information primarily for the purpose of helping you take action to improve your health, for the strategic planning, administration and evaluation of our wellness programs and benefits offerings, and for gaining an understanding of the well-being of our employee population. In addition, we may aggregate your personal information together with other data from the program. BeWell participation and program data and health assessment data will be shared with a third-party, which will merge such data with other healthcare claims data. The combined data will be used by Stanford, BeWell and their agents for the purposes of evaluating and designing benefits, reporting, research, and publication (in aggregate form) on the health of the Stanford population and the effectiveness of the BeWell and Healthy Living Programs and other wellness programs and activities.  

Information Collected by BeWell 

The BeWell Program is hosted by the CafeWell digital platform. When you register for and participate in the BeWell and Healthy Living Programs, we will collect and use your personal information in the following ways:

  • Information you provide: 
    1. BeWell Program
      As part of the BeWell activities, we may collect your name, university employee ID, age, contact information, gender, lifestyle behaviors, physical activity, attitudes, screening data, behavioral action plans and other health information.  Individuals who sign up for the BeWell Check In will be directed to schedule their appointments and answer intake questions using third-party platforms; session notes may be stored in a third-party platform. If you participate in wellness activities, such as classes or workshops, including those delivered by departments outside of BeWell, you may be asked to provide your name, phone number, employee ID and email address to the department offering the class or workshop. This information, along with the program title, would then be shared with BeWell for the purposes of granting participation credit. You may also be asked to provide credit card information to process payments for classes or workshops. 
    2. Healthy Living Programs
      When registering for Healthy Living programs, all registrants will be asked for their Stanford affiliation. Stanford University employees, post-docs, and students will be asked for their SUNet ID and password. They will confirm their email address and phone number and select their Department. All other registrants will be asked to provide name, email, and preferred phone number. Participants may be asked to provide credit card information to process payments for classes or workshops.

      In a small set of Healthy Living programs, you may need to provide personal information for the purpose of delivering the class content; session notes will be taken for individuals in lifestyle coaching and stored in a third-party platform. Individuals in lifestyle coaching will be directed to schedule their appointments and answer intake questions using 3rd party platforms. Class instructors will receive rosters of all their participants and will be asked to keep attendance. Upon request, LeadWell class champions may receive a roster with names and emails of class participants. Participant information, such as name, employee ID, and email address, along with program title, will be shared with BeWell for the purposes of activity points. When a class is offered by an outside vendor, participants should review the privacy policies and other terms of that vendor, which may be outside the control and management of Stanford. 

    3. Surveys
      We periodically use surveys to gather additional information about you and to evaluate our offerings. The surveys may collect personal information such as age, phone number, gender, demographic variables, lifestyle behaviors, attitudes, and other health information.


  • Information from other sources: 

When you access the CafeWell digital platform, your name, gender, date of birth (DOB), and employeeID are automatically sent to CafeWell and compared to an eligibility file provided by Stanford University to confirm eligibility to access the website. For  purposes of administration and management of the BeWell Program, we may access human resources information regarding University employees, including your employee ID, job type, union status, job location, gender, organization unit and department. We also collect personal information that you voluntarily submit to us whether directly on our website or when you otherwise contact us (e.g., by phone or email). 

How We Use Your Information

We may use your personal information to administer, manage and evaluate the BeWell and Healthy Living Programs, including the following purposes:

(a) To evaluate your health results and suggest appropriate health promotion resources to you, on campus, with your medical plan, or through other providers.

(b) To allow you to access the BeWell and Healthy Living websites and health education materials and programs.

(c) To tailor health promotion surveys and programs for you and to provide information and initiatives related to health or wellness. For these purposes, your name and email address may be sent to an outside email service to send emails and track usage statistics of these emails.

(d) To issue monetary rewards and to track program participation as part of the BeWell Employee Incentive Program. For non-monetary prizes, identifying information of eligible participants, such as name or email address, may be sent to an outside vendor.

(e) To solicit feedback about the BeWell and Healthy Living Programs, evaluate the effectiveness of behavior change and health promotion programs, and suggest and plan future health programming and benefits design at Stanford.

(f) To gain an understanding of the health and well-being of the Stanford population as a whole, as well as subgroups, and to understand the factors that impact well-being.

(g) To apply for funding that will help promote health.

Authentication and tracking logs will be used to produce usage statistics and identify potential website improvements. This information does not contain any personally identifiable information.


How We Protect Your Personal Information

BeWell is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We maintain safeguards to protect the security, integrity, and privacy of your data.  For more information, refer to the central Stanford Online Privacy Policy.

The BeWell website contains links to programs and websites outside Stanford, including CafeWell, BeWell’s digital platform. When following a link to an external website, the terms of that website’s privacy policy and terms of use will govern use of your personal information.  Read CafeWell’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Knowing Your Choices

Your choice to use the BeWell website and participate in BeWell activities is completely voluntary.  But if you choose not to use the BeWell website, you will be unable to participate in the BeWell Program.

Reviewing and Updating Your Personal Information

You may access, and in some cases, edit your user profile information on the CafeWell website, as described in their Privacy Policy. You may also request removal of records from the CafeWell platform by emailing You may also submit any questions or concerns to the BeWell team by emailing . Please do not include any sensitive personal information in an email.

Changes to This Privacy Statement

We may update this Privacy Statement periodically to reflect any material changes in our programs and practices.  These changes will become effective when posted to our website at, as of the effective date listed below. Our use of personal information is subject to the version of the Privacy Statement in effect at the time such information is used.


Contacting Us

If you would like to send us a request, or if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Statement, you may contact us by e-mail at or call us at 650-721-2984.


Effective Date
This policy is effective as of 12/3/2021.