Family fun at Stanford

August 13, 2013

Hidden in plain site on the beautiful Stanford campus is an eclectic mix of family friendly sites.    

Not too long ago, the children and teachers of the Pepper Tree school initiated a map of the Stanford campus that highlighted such treasures as sphinxes, koi ponds, a mechanical clock and model railroad.

Inspired by their map, BeWell and WorkLife created this family map of Stanford.

We know that kids grow up fast. So, if you are looking for ways to spend quality time with your family, why not have a picnic near the Red Barn? Or, view area sites from the Hoover tower, attend a Sunday family program at the Cantor Museum, or go swimming at the Avery Aquatic center.

These ideas and others can be found on the family map. We hope you enjoy it and the time it affords you to unwind with your family on campus.

Know of another family friendly site on campus? Share the love!  Email us at and tell us what we've missed.