YogaX Contemporary Topics in Yoga: Therapeutics in Healthcare

October 23, 2023 | 4:00pm - 6:00pm

This advanced training will broaden yoga trainees’ knowledge of contemporary yoga professional topics led by yoga and healthcare experts. Each session will be two and a half hours, including didactics, experiential work and discussion. The purpose of this section of the 300hr training is to introduce yoga teachers to the range of settings and demographics therapeutic yoga can be applied to, as well as additional healthcare topics. Each topic will incorporate an overview of a specialized topic in healthcare and/or yoga and provide each student an opportunity to learn from a professional with specialized knowledge in their field.

Participants will participate in a range of “talks” led by professionals either applying yoga in a variety of settings or on a topic that can inform their yoga teaching (sleep, nutrition, etc.). As such, participants learn to develop strategies, apply skills, and problem-solve related to the following applications therapeutic yoga in healthcare settings:

  • Learning specialized topics that can be applied to working with students/clients in a healthcare setting
  • Learning the range of applications of yoga interventions for varying populations and different settings
  • Understanding the unique characteristics of each setting and the nuances of how to create appropriate adaptations of yoga interventions 
  • Understanding the unique characteristics of different healthcare populations and the nuances of how to create appropriate adaptations of yoga interventions to cater to individual needs
  • Integrating cultural sensitivity and competence, including language skills, empowerment, collaboration, and interpersonal skills specific to the unique setting and demographic presented in the varying topics