Why Did I Eat That – Again?

November 13, 2019|12:00pm

You have probably asked yourself that question even if you know better and even if you are not overweight. Do you feel like there is a spell that comes over you in the presence of certain foods? Do you wonder why it is so easy to overindulge and hard to resist certain foods? This class will discuss how the brain processes stimuli in the presence of food cues and how it drives behavior in the “cue-urge-reward” habit cycle. Learn how the food industry works to stimulate our appetite by manipulating fat, sugar, and salt in our foods. Participants will gain useful tools and skills needed to craft a personal plan based on proven techniques that will allow them to replace chaotic eating with more mindful and satisfying choices. We will explore how to establish a healthy and pleasurable relationship with food rather than solely a weight-focused approach.

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