Vitality Essentials: How to Live Your Best Possible Life (WSP 148)

October 24, 2020|10:00am

Why do certain people seem so vital and vibrant? In a world where many of us feel burdened by stress, pressure, and competing demands, a lucky few seem to radiate with joy, purpose, warmth, and vitality. In this workshop, we will draw from research in biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, and elsewhere to understand how our minds, bodies, spirituality, and relationships can work in interconnected ways to enhance or deplete our overall state of well-being. To make this happen, we will work with a framework for optimizing physical and mental health that could be applicable to anyone. The framework relies on four pillars of vitality: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Students will inventory their strengths and weaknesses in each pillar, and identify how their current habits and routines may contribute to, or take away from, achieving the right balance. Along the way, we will consider how variables like time management, a clear sense of purpose, and service to others can also contribute to the equation. Students will come away with a personalized action plan to enhance each element of vitality in their own lives.

Allan Mishra, Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford Medical Center

Allan Mishra is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist, and author of Dare to Be Vital: Vitality Essentials Course Book. His biologic research on vitality has been featured in The New York Times. He completed a sports medicine fellowship at Stanford and received an MD from the University of Michigan.

Schedule: 1 day (Saturday), Oct 24, 10:00 am–4:00 pm (PT)
Format: Live Online

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