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February 22, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Karith Foster

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The Inversity Solution – A Revolutionary Way to Address Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

A sense of belonging is a keystone of well-being. Studies have shown that social connectedness can aid in recovery from physical and mental illness, improve resilience for stressful life transitions and events, and provide many other health benefits. Unfortunately, we are currently being bombard by a climate fueled by division, perpetuating alienation and all of its adverse effects.

Join us in this free noontime webinar to explore an antidote to this polarization – the Inversity Solution. This novel approach takes the division and animosity out of the diversity conversation by offering participants ways to hone their conscious empathy, active listening, responsible reactions, and environmental awareness. You will leave this innovative presentation feeling engaged, connected, inspired, and empowered to commit to the journey of mutual respect, acceptance, and a greater sense of ability and belonging.

Note: This webinar is only available at the scheduled date and time.

Karith Foster is a professional speaker, author, humorist, and diversity engagement specialist who has been taking her passion for entertaining and critical thinking nationwide for nearly two decades. She is an alumna of Stephens College and Oxford University.

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