The Internet of Things (IoT) And 5G Network – Opportunities and Issues

November 05, 2019|1:00pm

Remember when the car simply moved us from one point to another? Your current smart car now knows more about your emotional state than your family or doctor, teacher, (… name it ) due to the embedded sensors. Also, 5G promises to deliver extremely low latency transfer of massive volumes of data, enabling unlimited interconnection of devices (IoT) as well as facilitating the operation of data-hungry machines (like autonomous cars/robots) using information from IoT and connected sensors. This phenomenon presents a new paradigm where most sensing (data collection), intermediate operations, and decision making will be performed by machines controlling other machines on our behalf, supposedly for our benefit. Join us in learning about IoT and 5G; as well as in exploring the implications on data management, logistics, security and opportunities for innovation in services within academic environments like Stanford. Bring your curiosity and/or come add your voice to the conversation.


Joseph Makokha (Academic Technology Specialist, SUL) and Hudson Ayers are PhD Candidates in ME and EE respectively. They both took the first IoT class offered at Stanford by Prof. Tobagi last spring. Tim Collier is an IoT Engineer, LBRE IT, here at Stanford – in the Land, Buildings & Real Estate unit.

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