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Event Type: Online Class

Apr 21 - Apr 28 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm
At your computer/device

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The Healing Power of Proper Breathing

Breathing is a constant in our lives from the moment we are born. It is also a subtle mirror reflecting various physical and mental imbalances.

Breathing properly can allow us to live longer and healthier lives. Breathing poorly, by contrast, can exacerbate and even cause a laundry list of chronic diseases. By correcting and consciously working with our breath, we can calm our minds at will and improve our overall wellness.

In this online class, we will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of our breath and its physiology, drawing both from modern science and the ancient system of yoga. We will discuss the mechanics of proper breathing through the conscious relaxation of the diaphragm. We will also explore some of the common unhealthy breathing habits that many tend to develop and practice some effective breathing techniques and exercises to restore a state of balance.

This class will not be recorded. Attendance requirement for incentive points – both sessions.

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Instructor: Saiganesh Sairaman is a certified teacher of meditation and yoga philosophy and is part of the teaching faculty at the Ananda center in Palo Alto. His experience with workplace stress as a management consultant and IT services manager at Fortune 500 companies led him to find creative ways of applying and sharing the teachings of yoga in scientific ways.

Class details are subject to change.