Student-Led Yoga

October 26, 2020|6:00pm

When you claim not to have time for yoga, it is probably when you need it most. 

The beauty of practicing yoga is the reality that no matter where you are in your flexibility or strength today, simply with the act of coming to the mat and focusing your attention inward you are doing it “right:” “It is not about being good at something, it is about being good to yourself.” Student-led yoga is intended as a means of making the mental and physical benefits of asanas readily available to all Stanford students, regardless of where you are on your yogi journey. Expect to move with your breath: this well-balanced Vinyasa flow class intends to get you out of your head and into your body, and modifications will always be available.

These sessions are for Stanford students only.
The passcode is 092020

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Location: Online

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Contact Phone: 650-723-1762