Stanford Neuro’s “Growing Up In Science”

February 10, 2023 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Growing Up in Science (GUIS) is a new-to-Stanford discussion series. In each session, one faculty member will share the personal side of their individual journey through academia. The stories shared will focus on the struggles, doubts, weaknesses, and failures we all face as young scientists. The series aims to normalize discussing these personal and interpersonal challenges, and supporting one another through them. No science will be discussed! GUIS is exclusively an in-person event.

The events schedule for this year is as follows:

  • Marion Buckwalter on Oct 28th
  • Jane Willenbring (Geosciences) on Feb 10th*
  • Bill Newsome on Feb 24th

Additional events are also planned for Spring!

More information about this cross-university series can be found here.

* 3:30pm start time