Safe and Confident Winter Biking: How to Keep Riding During Cold, Dark, or Wet Conditions

November 14, 2019|5:30pm

When late fall weather arrives and the days grow shorter, you might think the bicycling season is over, but with the proper clothing, lights, knowledge, and practice, winter riding can be rewarding, even exhilarating!

This class is for fair-weather bike commuters and recreational riders interested in tips for continuing to enjoy bicycling when the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and the rain starts coming down. Knowing how to dress for Bay Area winter weather and outfit your bike for drizzle and darkness can help you keep fit year-round, while continuing to help the environment, lower your expenses, and reduce your stress level.

In this 2-hour course, we’ll cover safety and basic commuting skills with photos and video, model clothing options for staying warm and dry, and demonstrate a variety of effective lights for your bike and helmet. There will be optional goal-setting for those who would like to get started making a change within the next month. Bring questions and learn how to stay on the road all season long.

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