Reflections on the Keynote With Rosan Gomperts, LCSW

November 05, 2019|8:45pm

After Dan Harris’ 7:00pm keynote conversation in Memorial Church, join us for four simultaneous discussions and reflection sessions, each one led by a Stanford expert on social-emotional health and well-being. One session is led by Rosan Gomperts, another by Donnovan Yisrael, a third by Roselyn Thomas and a fourth by Jim Thompson.

Rosan Gomperts, LCSW, Director, The HELP Center. Her clinical intersts include: communication skills, management coaching, problems at work, facilitated conversations, couples, parenting, relationship issues, LGBTQ, stress, anxiety, and life transitions.

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Location:Main Quad, Building 300, Room 300, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305