Reflections on the Keynote With Donnovan Yisrael, M.A.

November 05, 2019|8:45pm

After Dan Harris’ 7:00pm keynote conversation in Memorial Church, join us for four simultaneous discussions and reflection sessions, each one led by a Stanford expert on social-emotional health and well-being. One session is led by Rosan Gomperts, another by Donnovan Yisrael, a third by Roselyn Thomas and a fourth by Jim Thompson.

Donnovan Somera Yisrael, M.A., is the Senior Health Educator for Mental Health and Well Being in Health Promotion Services at Vaden Health Center. Through his work, he helps people to understand how our cultures/institutions, our psychology and our deep need to connect socially affect our health decision-making and what we can do about it. He integrates the tenets of emotional intelligence and positive psychology into his work with students with the intention of helping them add meaning and happiness to their healthiness. He is trained as a grief educator and has a passion for teaching people about the skill of grieving everything from disappointment to death.

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Location: Main Quad, Building 200, Room 002, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305