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Event Type: Webinar

May 23, 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm
At your computer/device
Melissa Fritchle

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Reaping the Psychological Benefits of Mid-Life

With stories and stereotypes about the challenges of mid-life, it can feel like a challenging phase to enter. And yet this phase of life can be rich with wisdom, new freedoms, and re-prioritizing to create a life that really serves you.

In this noontime webinar, we will discuss approaches from the field of developmental psychology for an empowered mid-life transition, as well as practices that help people thrive. We will do some writing processes together to honor the losses we each may feel and to clarify what brings us passion and purpose in our lives.

With a recognition of the unique times we are living through, we will talk about the concept of a legacy and how we can orient our concerns for the future into action now. During the webinar you will learn tools and gain a fresh perspective to help you stand proudly at this point in your life with mindful awareness and compassion for who you are now.

Instructor: Melissa Fritchle, LMFT, is a writer, workshop leader, certified mindfulness meditation teacher, and licensed marriage and family therapist. An award-winning educator, she has a vibrant private practice in Santa Cruz, CA, and travels internationally to speak and teach about positive self-awareness and body love.

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