Events: 9th October 2019

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Estate Planning Provides Peace of Mind

October 09, 2019 | 12:00pm

 Estate planning is a great way to plan for the future, and it brings a sense of peace. The reasons to do estate planning: • Reduce or eliminate estate taxes • Avoid probate • Manage income tax consequences associated with transfers of property • Arrange for and simplify management of the property and medical issues …
berry event

The Untapped Power of Forgiveness

October 09, 2019 | 05:30pm

The importance of practicing forgiveness has been extolled for centuries, but only recently has research demonstrated that forgiveness can reduce anger and depression as well as enhance hopefulness and self-efficacy. In this class, you will experience the power of forgiveness through the short film, “Admissions,” by John Viscount. Winner of 25 international awards, “Admissions” stars …