Leadership Bootcamp: Communication, Negotiation and Influence

February 22, 2023 | 4:30pm - 7:00pm

Learning Objectives

  • Navigate different types of influencing conversations 
  • Identify the motivators of parties involved, increasing the potential for optimal solutions and outcomes
  • Choose whether, when, and how to engage in a difficult conversation
  • Manage problematic moments and behaviors in difficult conversations and negotiations
  • Implement robust communication skills to amplify effectiveness in any negotiation or difficult conversation

Program Description

In these highly interactive and practical sessions, we will discuss how effective leaders create a healthy, collaborative environment in which negotiations and difficult conversations are likely to go more smoothly. We will explore how leaders navigate different types of influencing conversations, and how they identify the potential motivators of the parties involved so as to facilitate optimal solutions. Next, we will analyze how to choose whether or not to engage in a difficult conversation and how to do so most effectively when we decide to proceed. Finally, we will examine options for managing problematic moments and behaviors when they occur, even despite our best efforts. Throughout these sessions, we will practice effective communication skills to support our work in any negotiation or difficult conversation.

Workshops are led by Jessica Notini, consultant and negotiation coach.


Open to enrolled graduate students at any stage in any discipline or degree program. 

Space is limited. Due to the workshop's interactive format, full participation in all three sessions is required.

If you are accepted to this workshop, you must confirm your place by submitting a Student Participation Fee Agreement, which authorizes VPGE to charge $50 to your Stanford bill – only if you do not fully participate in the event. You will receive a link to the Agreement and instructions if you are offered a place.

Registration Process:

Leadership Bootcamp: Communication, Negotiation and Influence is an in-person three-part workshop. Session dates are Wednesday February 22, Wednesday March 1, and Thursday March 2 from 4:30pm-7pm. 

Apply by February 5, 2023

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Location to be announced.