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Event Type: Webinar

July 08, 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm
At your computer/device
Randall Stafford

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Know Your Cholesterol

Measures of lipids in the blood, including cholesterol levels, provide important information about future risk of developing heart disease. But cholesterol can be confusing for many. There is “good” cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol, cholesterol in your diet, cholesterol in your blood stream, and cholesterol deposits in your arteries. It isn’t always easy to understand what test results mean or what choices to make to reduce your risk.

This noontime webinar will help take the mystery out of cholesterol by reviewing the typical lipid test results and looking into the causes of favorable and unfavorable results, including genetics, dietary practices, physical activity, aging, and the presence of other health conditions. In addition to discussing non-drug and drug strategies to improve lipids, we will discuss how some lipid results may lead a search for other health problems, such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, or systemic inflammation. Drawing on emerging research, you will gain a better understanding of how lipid test results fit in with other heart disease risk factors and steps that you can take to improve your numbers and reduce your risk.

Instructor: Randall Stafford, MD, PhD, is director of the Program on Prevention Outcomes and Practices in the Stanford Preventive Research Center. His training includes internal medicine and epidemiology, while his research emphasizes clinical issues and health behaviors related to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 

Class details are subject to change.