Immune Health Basics (BIO 102 W)

October 12, 2020|3:30pm

What does it mean when a product claims to support “immune health” or promises to “boost immunity”? We hear these claims frequently, but what is actually required for good immune health, and can we really modulate the immune system to our advantage? In this online course, we will explore the complex and dynamic workings of the human immune system. You will be introduced to the basic biology of the immune system, the cornerstone to understanding your immune health. We will examine the very different roles the immune system plays in infections, cancer, and autoimmunity. These areas of disease will serve to highlight the many different functions of the immune system, providing insight into how this vast network of cells and molecules fights off foreign invaders, kills cancer cells, and at times, turns against the very body it was designed to protect. We will pay special attention to the impact our environment has on our immune system and the effects of aging on immune function, and we will take a close look at what current research tells us about improving our immune health through nutrition, exercise, meditation, and supplementation.

Schedule: 5 weeks, Oct 12-Nov 13
Format: Flex Online

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