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October 07, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Patty McLucas

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How to Regulate the Nervous System and Restore Healthy Sleep

Research has shown that good sleep is vital for health and well-being. Yet for many who suffer from stress and anxiety, a good night’s sleep remains an elusive dream. Their sleepless nights are filled with restlessness and a racing mind, and they face each new day depleted rather than restored.

Stress reactivity manifests through symptoms generated by the sympathetic nervous system, the primary mechanism in control of the fight-or-flight response. In this webinar, you will learn and practice three key skills that help restore regulation of the nervous system, bringing you from a state of perpetual vigilance into one of relative safety and calm, allowing mind and body to rest.

From the presenter’s experience working with close to 100 Sleep Improvement students with Stanford HIP, 98% of those students have improved the quality of their sleep primarily through attention to stress management. With awareness, we can actively choose to employ practices that help create balance in the nervous system and thus restore our ability to make sound decisions, reason and analyze, feel empathy, and relax into healthy sleep.

Instructor: Patty McLucas is the founder of Mindful Wellness Group and has more than 20 years of experience as a wellness consultant. She currently teaches classes in mindfulness for Stanford’s Cancer Supportive Care Program and the Health Improvement Program and has taught for other organizations including Apple and Google.

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