How to Avert and Resolve Interpersonal Conflict to Strengthen Relationships

November 09, 2019|9:00am

Interpersonal conflict can be a significant source of stress. By implementing positive psychology tools and concepts, you can learn to proactively avoid pitfalls and responsively resolve conflicts, resulting in reduced personal anxiety and enhanced, more meaningful relationships.

In this 1-day course, we will discuss, practice, and apply evidence-based positive psychology concepts and tools, including meditation, mindfulness, presence, empathy and compassion for yourself as well as others, emotional and social intelligence, gratitude, forgiveness, and nonviolent communication. You will learn to effectively assess and resolve conflict, whether it’s just brewing, acute, or on-going.

Equipped with a strong, positive psychology skillset, your awareness will increase, as well as your ability to regulate the thoughts, emotions, mindsets, and language that impact the health and quality of your most valued relationships.

The skills learned in this course can benefit most interpersonal relationships, including married couples, romantic partners, siblings, parents and children, relatives, friends, colleagues, roommates, and others.

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Location: Kingscote Gardens