Holiday Eating – Breaking the Cycle

November 08, 2019|12:00pm

Fall is around the corner and so are the winter holidays! This time of year we may look forward to joyful experiences and time spent with loved ones, yet many of us also anticipate what can feel like the inevitable accompaniment to all these good times… too much food, drinks, sweets, and the resulting unhealthy yo-yo weight cycling.

How can we set ourselves up for a healthier holiday season? One where we gain joy and memories, but not weight? Join this noon hour class to learn how to “maintain, not gain” during the 2019 holiday season.

You will learn:

  • How to navigate holiday dinners and buffets
  • How to apply the hunger/fullness scale to prevent overeating
  • How to practice mindful eating to be intentional about food choices
  • How to make healthier versions of your favorite holiday treats

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