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Event Type: Online Class

Oct 24 - Nov 14 2023
3:00pm - 4:30pm
At your computer/device

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Heal Your Posture, Heal Your Back

Do your back, shoulders, and neck hurt during the day and leave you exhausted in the evening? Did you know that the same guidelines that improve your posture can also cure your back? By learning to adopt a relaxed posture while working at your computer, you can dissolve chronic tensions and erase discomfort.

Join us for this four-part online class to learn how to adopt a natural posture based on the empirical research of Noelle Perez, who studied populations of people around the world who functioned well into their old age. By viewing images of naturally aligned people, you will educate your eyes to see how modern posture is at odds with the architectural design of the human body. Explanations of anatomy will show how a natural posture is built in the bones and specific guidelines will make it possible for you to quickly bring this natural posture into your everyday life.

This course is participatory from start to finish. You will be given guidelines and feedback on how to get more comfortable while sitting, computing, standing, walking, bending, and sleeping and how balanced neck, arm and hand placement and usage can relieve chronic tension. All of this is supported by understanding the anatomy of breathing, which is essential for a comfortable workday. Each class layers on details and the practice necessary to acquire an aligned comfortable posture. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

Attendance requirement for incentive points – 3 of 4 sessions. This class will not be recorded.

Request disability accommodations and access info.

Instructor: Jean Couch is founder of the Balance Center and the author of The Runner’s Yoga Book. For more than 25 years, she has been involved in empirical research studying populations of people who have no back or joint pain.

Class details are subject to change.