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Event Type: Webinar

October 10, 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm
At your computer/device
Maryam Makowski

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Food for Thought

The food we eat has an impact not only on our bodies, but also on our brains and cognition. Recent evidence indicates that certain nutritional strategies can mitigate fatigue, increase attention and memory, defend against mental deterioration, and improve our cognitive performance.

Join us for this noontime webinar to discover the current evidence and nutritional strategies that can improve your cognitive performance. You will learn about the acute effects of food on cognition, five strategies to improve our cognitive performance, and ways to choose meals and snacks at work to increase alertness and combat daytime sleepiness.

Instructor: Maryam Makowski, PhD, FACN, NBC-HWC, is a clinical assistant professor at the Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the associate director of scholarship and health promotion at the Stanford WellMD & WellPhD Center, and a BeWell coach. 

Class details are subject to change.