Exploring Creative Mindfulness (PDV 106)

October 19, 2020|7:00pm

Do you feel stressed from the busyness of life, wedded to your devices, and not connected enough to what matters most? If so, you are not alone, and mindfulness can help. Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment, aware of the emotions, sensations, and insights you are experiencing. Mindfulness can help people feel more at peace, become less stressed, and shift perspective. These practices are not just buzzwords. They are scientifically based techniques to help you navigate the changes and challenges you face. Together we will practice ways to enjoy living in the now, feel more at peace, and reframe challenges to build resilience. In each class, you will experience a combination of lecture, creative projects, exercises, and discussion. Hands-on creative activities like origami, creative reflections, and drawing will give you a means to explore and express yourself mindfully. Activities you will undertake at home will supplement and deepen your reflections to help you get more clarity, explore your wishes for the future, and build well-being. At the end of our time together, you will have a greater understanding of the benefits that mindfulness can bring, and the start, if you wish, of a lifelong practice.

Suzanne Liu Taylor, Certified Leadership Coach and Enneagram Trainer

Suzanne Liu Taylor provides life and executive coaching as well as leadership and presence workshops to help clients become more effective and feel more fulfilled, both personally and professionally. Earlier, she was a marketing, product, and brand manager at Intuit and at Clorox. Taylor has been teaching in Stanford programs since 2001 and received an MBA and a BA from Stanford.

Schedule: 5 weeks (Wednesdays), Oct 19–Nov 16, 7:00–8:50 pm (PT)
Format: Live Online

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