Elevate Your Life: Navigating the Enneagram to Self-Discovery

October 20, 2020|12:00pm

The Enneagram is a self-assessment tool that helps individuals understand how they conceptualize and navigate their inner and outer worlds. It serves as a map highlighting where one is and where one wants to go. Identifying one’s Enneagram type can enable bringing more congruency to life. Participants in this workshop will learn how to

  • Discover their Enneagram type
  • Highlight strengths and areas of personal growth
  • Use tools that foster inner transformation

About the speaker:

Pamela Johnson is a Life Leadership Coach, Enneagram Teacher and Consultant. She has been featured in the documentary Give Love, the Journey Forward podcast and Your Healthy Living Radio Show. Pamela leads individual and group coaching programs, mentors and teaches at The Deep Coaching Institute and facilitates at The Deep Living Institute. One of her true passions is working with artists, teaching and coaching actors specializing in the Meisner technique. www.soulpath-guidance.com

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