CBD 2023: Internal Family Systems Skills for Compassionate Contemplative Practice with Richard Schwartz, PhD

November 02, 2023 | 5:15pm - 6:45pm

Dr. Schwartz will illuminate how Internal Family Systems (IFS) skills support the ability to access and sustain the state of 'Self', and compassionate mindfulness, during contemplative practice.  
Internal Family Systems (IFS) developed over 40 years by Richard Schwartz, PhD, is an effective, efficient process by which a therapist truly listens to their client to be able to guide the client to an inner clarity and compassionate calm state, which Schwartz refers to as their ‘Self’ — something that spiritual traditions often call “soul” or “essence.” IFS clients learn to step outside of the constricting grips of their extreme emotions and thoughts (which are referred to as ‘parts’ in IFS) and step into their tender, compassionate ‘Self.’ 
When grounded in ‘Self-‘compassion and thus liberated from anger, defensiveness, or disdain toward the ‘parts,’ it is possible to step towards and explore the ‘parts.’ Through this process of skillfully relating to the ‘parts,’ healing occurs. 

Schwartz will explain how from the 'Self', we are able to calm and transform our troubling ‘parts’— including pain-perpetuating inner voices, the critical and anxious chatter, the compulsive distractions, feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy, and overwhelm. He will elucidate how these ‘parts’ are surprisingly responsive and resilient when addressed with respect, patience, and loving-kindness. 

This Keynote is part one of a two-session series featuring Richard Schwartz during the 2023 Contemplation by Design Summit. Schwartz's second session in the Summit is on November 3, and is titled, iPause Guided practice #14 Nourishing Self-compassion through Applying Internal Family Systems (IFS) Skills Attendees are encouraged to attend one or all of Richard Schwartz's sessions, as well as any of the sessions in the Contemplaion by Design Summit. 

Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, is the creator of Internal Family Systems, a highly effective, evidence-based therapeutic model that de-pathologizes the multi-part personality. His IFS Institute offers training for professionals and the general public. He is currently on the faculty of  Harvard Medical School, and has published five books, including No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model. Dick lives with his wife  Jeanne near Chicago, close to his three daughters and his growing number of grandchildren

CBD 2023: Internal Family Systems Skills for Compassionate Contemplative Practice with Richard Schwartz is part of the FREE Contemplation by Design Summit, Oct. 24- Nov. 2, 2023.

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