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Event Type: Online Class

Apr 29 - May 20 2022
12:00pm - 1:30pm
At your computer/device
Gretchen George

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Balance Your Body through Basic Nutrition

Homeostasis describes how the human body regulates fluid, nutrients, and temperature balance. American diet culture tells us that “clean eating,” fasting, and cleansing are the best ways to find balance. These messages lead to confusion and sometimes anxiety over not doing the right thing.

Join this four-week online engagement class to learn and practice sound nutrition principles. Not only will you learn the basics of nutrition from a metabolic perspective, you will participate in a food understanding ‘boot camp’ where each week, as a group, we will review eating patterns and practice what we learn in a non-calorie counting, wellness based approach. There will be opportunities to share the emotional and physical changes we experience. Learn how the digestive system and metabolic system (related to hunger and satiation) work, and increase your confidence to choose foods that best meet your personal health needs while moving away from internalizing stigmatizing diet culture messaging.

Instructor: Gretchen George, PhD, RDN, is passionate about prevention and empowerment. As associate professor and co-program lead of the nutrition and dietetics program at San Francisco State University, she facilitates learning in and out of the classroom. Her research focuses on food literacy, basic needs, and weight stigma, with the goal of increasing body positivity in adults, adolescents, and health professionals. 

Class details are subject to change.