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Event Type: Online Class

Oct 21 - Nov 18 2021
7:00pm - 8:30pm
At your computer/device
Patty McLucas

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Awakening Joy Part II

“Joy is not for just the lucky few – it’s a choice anyone can make.” – James Baraz, creator of the Awakening Joy course.

Awakening Joy is an internationally recognized course designed to awaken joy through exciting themes and practices that incline the mind toward well-being and deeper insight.

In this 5-session online engagement class, you will learn the science behind generating real happiness, build healthier habits and beliefs through powerful awareness practices, develop a solid mindfulness practice, and become part of a community through support groups and practice partners.

This is not a “feel good” program, but rather a “feel everything” program, leading to authentic appreciation of your life, just as it is. Class experience includes hands-on skill-building activities, lecture, small group interactive exercises, a book discussion, videos, guided meditation recordings, written material, experiential practices, and singing. As students, you will receive the opportunity to select the modes for learning that best suit you. To get the most out of the class experience, please be prepared to actively participate in breakout rooms, class discussions, and activities. By the end of the class, you will have the tools and skills you need to live a more fulfilling, joyful life.

This class is a continuation of Awakening Joy Part I offered in Summer quarter and includes a thorough review of that class. There is no prerequisite for Awakening Joy Part II.

Instructor: Patty McLucas is the founder of Mindful Wellness Group and has more than 20 years of experience as a wellness consultant. She currently teaches classes in mindfulness for Stanford’s Cancer Supportive Care Program and Healthy Living and has taught for other organizations including Apple and Google.

Class details are subject to change.