Participating remotely at this year’s Cardinal Walk? This toolkit provides instructions and resources so you can join your colleagues to celebrate wellness and earn 25 points toward your BeWell incentive!


Plan your walk

Engage co-workers and form small groups for your walk. Working from home? Plan to walk with your family or friends or walk on your own!

Identify a safe walking route that is one-half to one-mile long.

Set up a meeting location and time to start the walk. 

Use this editable flyer to create a flyer for your location to promote your walk. Edit the flyer with your worksite and meeting location.

Spread the word! Post the event flyers in break rooms, share during huddles, and ask co-workers as well as managers to help promote the walk.

Optional: Create an awesome walk playlist!


Walk day guidelines

If you plan on walking with others, meet at the designated location and time.

Start your walk with this pre-recorded warm-up from Stanford Recreation and Wellness.

Take photos during your walk and encourage others to do the same to show the breadth of our celebration of wellness! Family photos and selfies are welcome! Submit it on the event’s Tacboard live stream by the end of the day on August 4 for a chance to win a prize. Text your photo to (864) 664-2109 and share your name when prompted to be entered into the prize drawing. All submitted photos will appear on the large digital display board in the Stanford Stadium. 

After your walk, sign in to your BeWell account to earn 25 points for participating in this event.