The Wellness Profile gives you one-on-one interaction with a wellness expert. You learn more about your health and focus on a wellness action of your choosing — whether it’s starting an exercise program, decreasing stress or maintaining your current healthy habits.

Employees will earn $200, payable within two pay periods after completion of the Wellness Profile.

The Wellness Profile is comprised of three parts:

1. Screening (optional): Since we are not offering free Screenings and it may be difficult to go to your healthcare provider, we are waiving the Screening requirement in 2021 to allow you to complete our program and earn your incentive.

2. Advising: Register for a remote Advising appointment to talk with a BeWell Coach on a wellness topic(s) of your choosing. Our Coaches can help you focus on diverse wellness actions, such as starting a walking program, decreasing stress through meditation, eating more nutritious food or maintaining current healthy habits. Employees must complete Advising by October 31 if planning to do Commitment for the Engagement incentive.

3. Plan: You identify and strategize a wellness action with your Coach, and then fill out a brief online Plan after your appointment on how you want to work on your action.


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