The Wellness Profile is designed to help you achieve your wellness goals — whether it’s starting an exercise program, decreasing stress, or maintaining your current healthy habits. You decide what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

You must complete your SHALA before starting the Wellness Profile.

The Wellness Profile is comprised of three parts:

1. Screening: Your total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, body mass index, height and weight, waist circumference and blood pressure are measured. These free screenings are performed at several locations around campus. You will need to fast 10-12 hours prior to your appointment (no gum, coffee, or food; however, water and prescription medications are acceptable and encouraged). Pregnant women and participants with certain health conditions are not required to fast.

You can also have your screening done at your health care provider’s office. (You may then bring a copy of your lab work with you to your Screening/Advising appointment; or, you may upload your lab work to BeWell by October 15.)

2. Advising: At your Screening/Advising appointment, after your screenings, you meet with a BeWell Coach to answer questions you may have about your results and to discuss your wellness goals. Our Coaches can help you achieve diverse goals, such as starting a walking program, completing a marathon, decreasing stress through meditation, eating more nutritious food, or maintaining current healthy habits.

If you upload your screening results (obtained from your own provider) to BeWell (by October 15), you must then schedule a remote Advising appointment by selecting either Zoom video conferencing or phone.

3. Plan: You create an action plan with your Coach, and then fill out a five-question online Plan after your appointment. The Plan identifies your wellness goals and outlines strategies for achieving them.


For benefits-eligible employees, the Wellness Profile incentive is $200, payable in 2019 approximately two pay periods following completion.

Spouses/partners receive $220 for completion of the Wellness Profile, payable in early 2020, assuming the employee is still employed at Stanford at the time of payout.

The Wellness Profile is a required program component for those employees seeking to complete Engagement for the highest incentive offered in the BeWell Program. Two (Coaching and Commitment) of BeWell’s four Engagement options require participants to complete the Wellness Program before they start Engagement, and their Screening and Advising portions of the Wellness Profile must be completed by October 31, 2019. Participants intending to pursue the Class or Healthy Work Environment (HWE) Engagement options have until Nov. 30, 2019 to complete the Wellness Profile.

To calculate your maximum incentive, please try our Incentive Calculator.
Learn more about Incentives and Deadlines, including the following:

2019 Deadlines

October 15:
Last day to upload health screening information obtained from your health care provider’s office.

October 31:
Last day for employees to complete Screening and Advising if they intend to complete either the Coaching or the Commitment Engagement.

November 30:
Last day for employees and spouses/partners to complete the Wellness Profile (Screening, Advising & Plan). Note, however, the above October 31 deadline (for the Screening and Advising portion of the Wellness Profile), which applies only to those employees intending to complete either the Coaching or Commitment Engagement.

What is the Wellness Profile?

1. Screening (conducted by BeWell or by your health care provider)

2. Advising (available in-person immediately following your BeWell screening or remotely by Zoom video conference or phone)

3. Plan (completed by you through your BeWell account)

What is the Screening?

Screening, provided for free at several convenient BeWell locations, consists of the following measurements assessing risk for heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome:

  • Total Cholesterol (TC)*
  • High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)*
  • Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL)*
  • Triglycerides (TG)*
  • Glucose*
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index (Height and Weight)
  • Waist Circumference

* These are FASTING, finger-stick tests. Fasting means no food (including gum or candy) or drink should be consumed within ten to twelve hours of your appointment. Water and prescription medications are acceptable and encouraged. Pregnant women and participants with certain health conditions are not required to fast.

Screening information can also be acquired through your personal health care provider if you have had blood work done after November 1, 2018. Special deadlines apply (see Deadlines.)

I am pregnant; do I still need to fast?

No. Our participants who are pregnant may not find it comfortable or feasible to fast for 10-12 hours. We are happy to make an exception to the fasting rule in this case. Please still plan to come in for a finger-stick so we can obtain all of the necessary information. Your health screener will ask you about pregnancy status at the start of the appointment.

I am a diabetic on a regular course of insulin; do I still need to fast?

No. Participants who have diabetes and are on insulin may not find it feasible to fast for 10-12 hours. We are happy to make an exception to the fasting rule in this case. Please still plan to come in for a finger-stick so we can obtain all of the necessary information. Your health screener will ask you about medication status at the start of the appointment.

I have another health concern that makes it difficult for me to fast. Are there other options?

We understand. Please contact our BeWell office directly to talk about your specific situation.

How do I complete my Screening/Advising with BeWell?

Screening/Advising appointments are offered Monday through Friday from January through November. You can register for your appointment by signing into the program. Click the “Screening” link under the Wellness Profile heading and then click the “On-campus Screening and Advising” button. You will be able to register for a date and time that fits your schedule. Testing takes place daily between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. at various locations on and off campus.

Where are the appointments held?

Screening/Advising appointments are available at several locations throughout the year: Ford-Burnham Pavilion, 1070 Arastradero, Li Ka Shing, the SLAC Recreation Facility and the new Redwood City campus are examples of locations. Once a year, we travel to Livermore and Monterey Bay.

How many times can I participate in the Screening/Advising?

You are eligible for one Screening/Advising appointment per calendar year. If you are interested in a second appointment in the same calendar year, please contact BeWell.

Do I need to wait a full 12 months between each Screening/Advising?

No. You may schedule your Screening/Advising at any time during the calendar year. We encourage participants to come in earlier in the year to make the most of the BeWell Program. Additionally, appointments fill up quickly in the fall and become more difficult to schedule.

Can I choose to visit my health care provider to complete my Screening?

Yes. Sign into your account, and under the Wellness Profile. You will then click the “Screening by Provider” button, and then upload your screening results per the upload instructions. Once we review your data, you will receive an email confirmation and can schedule a remote Advising appointment (by Zoom video conference or phone) through our online . Please note that the last day to upload your Screening-by-Provider data is October 15.

What is Advising?

The 10-30 minute Advising session which follows your Screening is an opportunity for you to discuss your results and any areas of interest related to your health and well-being. Your BeWell Coaches hold advanced degrees in fields like Exercise Science, Nutrition, Counseling, and Public Health. This session can be used for setting goals, gathering information, learning about resources and/or getting support in maintaining existing healthy habits.

Are Screening and Advising scheduled at one appointment time?

Yes. If you choose to receive your screening through BeWell, your appointment time will include both Screening and Advising.

How do I do the Advising step if I upload my screening results obtained from my own health care provider?

Once the BeWell office receives your screening results, we will update your account and you will receive an email letting you know when you can log into your account and schedule a remote Advising (by Zoom video conference or phone) appointment at a date and time that is convenient for .

Instead of uploading my screening results obtained from my health care provider’s office, can I bring them with me to my appointment?

Yes. If your screening was done after November 1, 2018 and includes all the necessary screening measurements, you may schedule a combined Screening and Advising appointment to which you bring a copy of your screening results.

What if I need to cancel my Screening or Advising session?

Cancellations must be done online at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. If it is at least 24 hours prior, you can cancel online through your BeWell account and reschedule for another date and time. If it is less than 24 hours, please contact the BeWell office.

What is the Plan?

The Plan is an online tool for developing personal wellness strategies. Your BeWell Coach will help you get started with your Plan during your advising session. You can then complete it on your own by logging into your BeWell account.


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