Wellness is not one-size-fits-all and what works for someone else may not work for you. To help you engage further with wellness, we offer multiple Engagement options to meet your needs, priorities and schedule.

Benefits-eligible employees can earn a $260 taxable incentive by completing Engagement. You may complete more than one Engagement option, but the $260 incentive will be paid only for the first option completed. SHALA and the Wellness Profile are required to earn this incentive.

Multi-session Coaching

Get multiple one-on-one sessions over a period of time with a wellness coach as you work on a wellness action(s) of your choice. You’ll receive real-time, in-depth feedback on your progress to make your action easier and more enjoyable to sustain. All sessions are STAP-eligible. 

Healthy Living

Dive deeper into a wellness issue that is meaningful to you by completing an approved STAP-eligible Healthy Living offering. Offerings are evidenced-based, led by wellness experts, and designed to give you proven strategies to make wellness an effective and enjoyable part of your day.

Note: October 8 is the deadline to register for a Healthy Living app if pursuing the Engagement incentive. Group Engagement classes may start after October 8, and you can register up to the start date.

Commitment to Family, Community or Self-care

You can make a Commitment action(s) focusing on your family’s wellness, giving back to your community, or working on your own self-care. Create a Commitment action of your own or see our list of suggested actions.

Commitment includes completing your Commitment Plan by October 31, submitting a first Reflection by November 15 and a final Reflection by November 30.See our BeWell Commitment resources guide and community service toolkit to help you craft this Engagement experience. 

Note: You must complete Advising by October 31 to do this option.


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