BeWell understands that focusing on family, supporting your co-workers and making a commitment to community can heighten your own wellness while also enhancing the well-being of a greater group. This is why, last year, we expanded our definition of engagement.

  • The Coaching option is focused upon personal wellness.
  • The Healthy Work Environment (HWE) option aligns your wellness activities with those of your co-workers.
  • The Class option allows you to focus on one particular wellness topic of importance to you.
  • The Commitment to Family or Community option enables you to engage in an activity that benefits your family’s or your community’s well-being while it enhances your own. (See additional information describing each of the four options, below.)

Completion of Engagement, an opportunity for all  benefits-eligible employees (no matter where they get medical benefits), earns the highest incentive offered in the BeWell Program. To earn this incentive, employees need to complete the SHALA, Wellness Profile and one of the four Engagement options described below. Spouses are not eligible to participate in Engagement. (Importantly, an employee must  complete Engagement for their spouse/partner to earn a Wellness Profile incentive.)

Employees may complete more than one Engagement option, but the $260 incentive will be paid for the first option completed.

Please note: The SHALA must be completed prior to starting any Engagement option. The timing/order of completing the Wellness Profile varies depending on the Engagement chosen.

Employees may complete more than one Engagement option, but the $260 incentive will be paid for the first option completed.


After completing your Wellness Profile, continue the conversation you started in your Advising session — or address something new. Your Coaching session(s) can occur either by phone or with a Zoom video appointment. Then, take action on your goals and finish by writing a brief reflection. (Complete Screening & Advising by Oct. 31, 2019 to allow time for completion of Coaching prior to the final BeWell Program deadline of Nov. 30, 2019.)


Dive deeper into a wellness issue that is meaningful to you by completing an approved STAP-eligible class. Both in-person and online engagement courses are available each quarter, and each class is approximately 6 hours. Note: The deadline to register for an online Engagement Class is October 7, 2019.

Online courses:  Designed to give you the flexibility to progress through a course at your own pace, online courses may include such topics as weight-loss management, anxiety management, and sleep improvement.

In-person courses:  Choose a course from such topics as life transitions, contemplation, creativity, or environmental wellness.

Complete the Wellness Profile before, during or after completion of your Class. Your selected Class must be completed prior to the final BeWell Program deadline of Nov. 30, 2019.

Commitment to Family or Community

After completing your Wellness Profile, consider moving beyond that emphasis on your own personal wellness to your family’s or your community’s well-being. Select one of the family or community commitments from those suggested below, or see our additional list of suggested actions; or, create and execute one of your own. Also, see our BeWell Commitment Resources guide for a comprehensive set of toolkits (Adult Toolkit; Kids’ Toolkit) and other resources to help you craft this Engagement experience. This 6-10-hour commitment includes submitting a plan of your intended action (by Oct. 31, 2019), writing a first reflection, pursuing the planned actions, and writing a final reflection reviewed by our staff by the Program deadline of Nov. 30, 2019.

Commitment to Family:  Create a family wellness plan in which you commit to promoting a common family goal or set of goals — whether the plan involves your entire family, your life after retirement, or a more time-specific plan such as lifestyle parameters during a pregnancy or a period of time when you are taking care of an elderly relative.

Commitment to Community:  Select a community-minded activity such as volunteering for a non-profit organization; serving as a healthy living advocate at a school; researching and getting involved with a local government initiative aimed at bettering health and wellness; or forming or joining a community wellness group addressing a cause or concern such as an environmental issue, youth obesity, or local hunger and homelessness.

Healthy Work Environment (HWE)

Join a customized wellness program that fits the needs of you and your work group. A Healthy Work Environment (HWE) lets you and your co-workers choose what activities to do and when and where to do them. HWE groups have participated in such activities as organized walks and other exercise breaks, wellness presentations by HIP, meditation breaks, and healthy potluck lunches. To earn the $260 Engagement incentive, complete two 10-week sessions in your HWE group. (Completion of one 10-week session qualifies you for a $130 incentive).

Complete the Wellness Profile before, during or after completion of HWE.

What is Engagement?

When you actively engage in your own wellness, you become more in tune to and committed to your own personal sense of well-being. Engagement extends beyond analysis of health screenings and corresponding recommended lifestyle changes and into a deeper focus upon a particular health issue, new lifestyle behavior, community interaction, family wellness initiative or workplace wellness practice. Accordingly, BeWell has expanded its Engagement offerings so that you can select the way(s) to engage that best fit your personal circumstances and goals. An employee can select from four different Engagement options. Completing one qualifies the employee to earn the Engagement incentive.

Why should I be interested in completing Engagement?

There are several reasons an employee should consider completing Engagement:

  • Engagement represents an opportunity to gain more influence over the health of your own lifestyle or help improve the wellness of your family or a greater group.
  • Engagement must be completed if an employee seeks to qualify their spouse/partner for an incentive.
  • Engagement represents the highest incentive offered in the BeWell Program.

What segments of the BeWell Program must I complete before  I start Engagement?

An employee must complete SHALA before starting Engagement. Additionally, the Wellness Profile must be completed before beginning either the Coaching or the Commitment Engagement options. The Class or Healthy Work Environment Engagement options may be started prior to completion of the Wellness Profile, which is still a required program segment for earning the Engagement incentive.

What do I have to do to complete Engagement?

Choose one of the four Engagement options: Coaching, Class, Commitment to Family or Community, or Healthy Work Environment. See above option descriptions, and sign into your account for step-by-step instructions.

May I complete more than one Engagement option?

Yes, but you will only  earn an incentive for the first one you complete.

What is the deadline for completion of Engagement?

Engagement must be completed by November 30, 2019. To earn the Engagement incentive, SHALA and the Wellness Profile must also be completed by November 30. Note: If the employee has chosen either the Coaching or the Commitment Engagement option, the employee must complete the Screening & Advising steps of the Wellness Profile by October 31.

When is the Engagement incentive paid?

The Engagement incentive is paid early in the year following completion, anticipated to occur in February 2020.

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