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Earn money for wellness activities

Berries are health-related activities that put your wellness goals into action. All benefits-eligible university employees, regardless of where they receive their medical benefits, can earn a $100 (taxable) incentive for completing six Berries between January 3 and November 30, 2020. Two of the six Berries may be earned outside of Stanford, such as a wellness class at a community center or data from a physical activity tracker.

Interested in doing all six Berries remotely?  It’s possible! For example, choose two non-Stanford Berries (such as an annual well-visit with your health care provider and a community gym class) and four of the remote Stanford Berries (such as two webinars and two video workshops).

You must take the SHALA before participating in any Berry activities. You can begin your Berries before or while you are involved in other parts of the BeWell Program, such as the Wellness Profile and Engagement.

Berry opportunities offered by Stanford can be found by visiting our Berry Calendar and through your BeWell account. These Berries are offered by Stanford departments and programs, both on the main campus and satellite campuses worldwide. Please note that we are unable to award Berry credit for volunteer work or required departmental training.

Remote options:

  • Healthy Living classes and webinars  – classes that cover the spectrum of wellness, including nutrition, stress management, mindfulness and more. STAP funding may be available.
  • Online BeWell Workshops – free live webinars offered by BeWell. Log into your account to search for available online workshops. You can take as many online workshops as you’d like.
  • Video Workshops – watch recordings of previously held in-person BeWell Workshops. Log into your account to see the offerings. If you work on a Stanford campus, you may watch one video per program year for Berry credit. If you work off campus, you may watch two videos per program year for Berry credit.
  • WELL for Life survey – online survey that can be completed in about 30-40 minutes, asking about a variety of factors that may impact your well-being. Log into your account to access the survey.
  • BeWell Walkers – free, online 10-week walking program with tracking log and walking maps designed to gradually increase your physical activity level.
  • Stanford Recreation & Wellness – earn up to one Berry for participating in a minimum of six virtual Recreation classes per quarter for at least 30 minutes per class session. Recreation is also offering Berry-eligible open-air fitness classes –  available at a special $15 BeWell rate, and some classes are reserved for just staff and faculty.

Berry activities that you can complete outside of Stanford are listed below, each linked to the matching validation form you need to fill out and upload in order to receive your Berry. You may use validation forms for up to two non-Stanford Berries.

Can spouses and domestic partners do Berries?

Spouses and registered domestic partners are not eligible for Berries.

What is the Berry incentive?

All university benefits-eligible employees who complete the SHALA and six Berries between January 2, 2020 and November 30, 2020 will receive a $100 (taxable) wellness incentive — regardless of their medical benefits elections.

Is the Berry incentive separate from other incentives in the Program?

Yes. Employees who complete six Berries before the November 30, 2020 deadline earn the $100 (taxable) incentive whether or not they participate in the Wellness Profile or Engagement. The SHALA must be completed prior to starting your Berries.

When do I receive payment for completing my Berries?

This incentive will be processed following the completion of your sixth Berry and will be included in a regular paycheck labeled “Berries” under earnings within two pay periods.

How can I track my Berries?

Track your Berries by signing into your BeWell account. “In progress” Berries are yellow and “complete” Berries are red. Berries that are red with a white checkmark are being applied to your $100 incentive. Please see the legend below:

 Not Started In Progress Complete Incentive

Is there a limit to the number of Berries I can do?


Will I receive an additional incentive if I complete more than six Berries?


How many validation forms can I use?

You may use one or a maximum of two validation forms to receive credit for non-Stanford Berries. For Stanford Berries, you may use up to a maximum six validation forms.

What is the best way to find a Berry?

Berries have been divided into Stanford and non-Stanford categories. Start by browsing the list of options, above, to review your options. Alternatively, you can check our Berry Calendar for a complete list of all one-time classes and workshops being offered by BeWell and our campus partners. Lastly, we encourage you to use validation forms for all non-Stanford activities you are engaging in to fulfill your Berry requirements.

Can I still participate in Berries for an incentive if I am not on a Stanford-sponsored medical plan?

Yes. Berries are available to all benefits-eligible Stanford employees, regardless of their benefits elections. Please visit our Incentive Calculator for further clarification.

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